How To Ship A Luxury Car

How To Ship A Luxury Car
How To Ship A Luxury Car
How To Ship A Luxury Car

How To Ship A Luxury Car

Shipping a luxury or exotic car is simply one of the most stressful and worrisome tasks for any car owner. Elite Auto Transport has been helping luxury car owners with their shipping needs for over 10 years. There is simple nothing to it when you have the pro’s at Elite Auto handle it for you. Whether you are shipping a Ferrari F80 or a Mercedes S550, we are your best choice for luxury car transport. We start by securing your vehicle on a crate inside of an enclosed car trailer. This car trailer is specially designed to transport luxury vehicles with absolutely no damage. That means no scratches, no dents, or any damage at all. If there should be any type of accident, all of our transport, especially luxury, enclosed car transports, are fully insured for the total duration of the transport. Call one of our luxury car shipping experts to discuss shipping your exotic vehicle. Rest assured knowing that Elite Auto Transport is the best at securely and safely transporting luxury cars.

Luxury Car shipping check list:

  • Be sure to hire a reliable and experienced car shipping company like Elite Auto transport.
  • Schedule your reservation and pick up in advance to ensure enclosed car trailer availability.
  • Empty your vehicle to ensure no interior damage to your vehicle.
  • One set of ALL keys for the vehicle must be provided.
  • Your battery must be secure in the mounting bracket.
  • There must have no obvious fluid leaks.

To schedule your luxury or exotic vehicle for shipping complete the form below. An experienced car transport agent will call you to go over your car transport reservation and any special requests you may have. We aim to accommodate our exotic and luxury car owners in any we can. We understand that when you are transporting a vehicle of high value, it may be stressful. That is why we do everything we can make our car owners comfortable. Complete the form below let’s get your car shipped.

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