Classic Car Shipping

Classic Car Shipping

Classic Car Shipping

Exotic or classic car shipping takes extra care and experience by those who are performing the move. Owners of rare, restored, or highly valuable vehicles need to be assured that their car is in safe hands and that the people involved in the move know how to effectively handle any problems or issues that may arise, especially when the vehicle is thousands of miles away from its owner. They also need to be assured that if anything happens to their car, which they have spent a lot of time and money on, that there is an insurance policy in place to handle any damage that was received while the vehicle was in the care of the classic car transport company.

I consider myself a proud collector of classic and restored cars. Each year I ship my cars to shows and events around the country. I try to not drive my classics so Elite Auto is on speed dial. They pick up my cars in a secured enclosed trailer and are always ready with the tools and straps they need for the job. Anytime I need any vehicles shipped I call Elite Auto Transport.
Vic Hodger

As car shipping specialists, we understand the effort, time, and money invested in exotic and classic cars restoration and building. That is why we not only appreciate the art aspect of the vehicles we are transporting but it is also motivation for us to protect it as if they were our own vehicles. We are licensed and insured to move your high value vehicle and we employ only the most experienced movers – who have a reputation of honesty and reliability and have proved themselves within our company – to move your most valuable cargo.

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